Tuesday, June 5

Frank Miles amazing audition for America's Got Talent

Frank Miles blew me away when I saw this on TV. It was scary and funny at the same time. The dude was juggling stun guns and making jokes the whole time. Then it got even weirder, but you'll have to watch the video to find out ;)

Tuesday, July 5

Frank Miles: "He literally changed my life."

Awww... this is a really nice post from a guy that knows Frank well. The writer, Sourena Vasseghi, has a speech impediment and is confined to a wheel chair from a severe case of cerebral palsy. Frank was his mentor and helped him become a speaker.
Let me tell you. The Frank I know and love is a genius, a philosopher, and is one of my best friends. He literally changed my life. Over the years, we have developed a bond. I spend time with him writing. He came to many of my speeches and if I wasn’t on my game, he would tell me that it sucked. He opened for me when I did an event and in 2007, and he was amazing. Just last fall, I saw him get a standing ovation from 9,000 people in Utah. What can I say? I love the man.
So if you see Frank on America’s Got Talent, think of him the way I do. A friend, a philosopher, a great writer, and a comedian.
Full blog post here.

Sunday, July 3

A few words from the Department of Redundancy Department

I have duplicated this site almost exactly on at I've been trying to decide which blogging site/platform to use. I've been impressed and disappointed by both of them in different ways. So I still haven't decided which I prefer. It's pretty easy to keep both going, so I'll make a decision when it becomes more obvious. I'd love the hear any thoughts on comparing the two platforms in general and my sites on each in particular.

Sunday, June 26

Frank Miles will go far.

Frank Miles will go far. He’s entertaining, a little dangerous, although he makes it look easy. What the hell he’s going to do for an encore in Vegas is anyone’s guess but he has agreed to try additional stunts that could kill him. He sounds like a fun guy too.  

Friday, June 17

Frank: AGT says I can't talk about the show.

I tried contacting Frank Miles through his website. He couldn't answer any of my questions about America's Got Talent because of a bunch of legal stuff he had to sign with the show. Oh well, I tried. He was really nice though.

Monday, June 13

"Coolest demonstration of its kind", a website that covers - you guessed it - New Jersey, also has some excellent national television reporting and commentary. Here's what Karl de Vries of the Star-Ledger had to say about Frank Miles:
Miles’ act, in which he juggled three 500,000-volt stun guns, was the coolest demonstration of its kind on the night.
“That’s enough juice to knock a grown man off his feet,” he boasted.
To up the ante, Miles eventually stepped into a tub of water as he juggled the stun guns in the air, “shocking” the judges.
“Can we assume, Frank, that if we bring you back, there will be more attempts to kill yourself on the show?” Morgan inquired. The answer was yes.

Saturday, June 11

"That's Entertainment" - Los Angeles Times

"I will confess that I was charmed by Frank Miles, the juggler who plays with stun guns. It wasn't his death-defying act that I enjoyed but his showmanship and patter, his little jokes about peeing on himself and being drunk. I loved that he started juggling as a way to deal with his fear of people, and I loved that he thought to add the little touch of the rubber ducky to the pool of water he stood in as he juggled. That's entertainment."
Los Angeles Times